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We understand the importance of a luxury thank-you gift that you are looking for. The premium quality says it all. It's a achievement of a dream in the top quality bird nest.
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Thank You Bird Nest. A gift from nature.



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Please enjoy the $10.00 Gift certificate imprinted inside the story of Thank you bird nest.
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We had become a great selling brand of Swallow birds' nest in the USA. Our innovative team has earned the reputation of selling ONLY the premium quality Swallow birds' nest products. Today, our premium products are sold in major specialty stores throughout the USA. You can trust and purchase with confidence when buying "Thank You Bird Nest".

Natural genuine edible
birds' nest

Thank You Bird Nest is the highest quality authentic Indonesian Island swallow birds' nests. Each edible bird nest has been carefully hand-cleaned by expertise to remove natural impurities such as feathers and twigs. No preservatives bleach, and/or any other unnatural components are added during the preparation and cleaning processes.


We dried our bird nest carefully to make it driest and lightest possible.


Cook first before consumption.


Clean raw swallow nest. (Edible bird's nest)


Keep in dry place room temperature.

Thank you bird nest bowl and back product

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Take a closer look and feel our high-end nest bird from quality to luxury packaging.
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About Us


On the craggy cliffs at the sea.

Bird's nest is the saliva of the salanganes which is mixed with geochemistry factors, chemical components and rich minerals. This is the basis of abundant trace elements which make the special nutritious bird nest with the special taste of the natural island.

In addition, the great value

that the salanganes bring to us is the eternal story of the salanganes couple. No matter where they go to find food, no matter how bad the weather is, the salanganes will find their nest and never get lost. The birds spread their wings at dusk, that picture brings a peace of feeling and grateful life, a meaningful day to people who appreciate bird's nest. Tan Sekthe creator of Thank You Bird Nest brand from Indonesia, and the high-end brand bird's nest supplier in the world was moved by the nutritional value of bird's nest and the spiritual story of salangane.

He is fortunate

to be able to get the current sucess and can meet his best friends, bosom friends, teachers and the friends in his life.All of this isbecause he know gratefullness and cherish the beautiful values of his soul. Gratitude can turn the normal day into the thanksgiving, make the daily work happy and change the normal chance to the lucky chance. Life is a gift!
Thank You Bird Nest story to be continue...